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Jake, who was in
no hurry to get
up for his trim

Rowdy is a
great hugger!

Festus likes to
hold his own
lead rope
Thanks for your excellent work with Monty, his hooves have never looked better!
~ Mary W.

Thank you for doing such a great work on Shadow!
~ Marilee C.

Thank you so much for the excellent care you give my horses! It is a joy to have you as my farrier!
~ Jan M.

After you pulled Willa's shoes she is doing great with her newly bare feet! She is 100% sound, with no chipping of the hoof wall yet and is enjoying being a real horse. I am so happy with her transition! Thank you!
~ Amy B. Longmont, CO

Thank you for taking such superior care of our horse family.
~ Jody L.

I acquired Whimsey - a 10yr Shetland pony with severe founder late last Spring. She rarely walked, spent most of her time laying in the pasture. All four hooves were in need of serious trimming. Per Silja's recommendation we enlisted the help of a vet to help with the initial 2 trimmings (for IV sedation). Her xrays showed severe laminitis in front feet, remarkably hind feet were in good shape. Her diagnosis was gloomy, but Whimsey showed us! We kept her front feet in Soft Ride boots and after the first 2 trimmings she was able to stand more and walk around outside of pen. She still needed bute - she was weaned off this 2 weeks later. After a couple more trimmings she was walking without the Soft Ride boots. After that I only used the Bute for her trimmings, and the boots for a couple days after the trimmings. Her trim schedule is now every 6 weeks and no need for Bute or boots! Without Silja's expertise I truly feel Whimsey would not be with me today. The pony has an attitude, but that's what it took to make it through this. She is so happy, loves to race her barn buddy Jake and show off her attitude. When I take her to to round pen she immediately starts running - she knows what that place is for!
~ Beverlee Michelson

It is a pleasure to have you care for Romira!
~ Julie M.

Silja has been trimming my Warmblood for 18 months now. His feet were neglected and in need of a lot of TLC. In just a couple trims they were looking fantastic and remain that way today, thanks to Silja's hard work and consistent scheduling. She is always on time (maybe even a bit early), is very reliable, treats my horse like her own, and makes the experience pleasant not just for him, but for me as well. It's such a great feeling to be back in control of my horse's hoof condition and to have him sound, happy, footloose and comfortable! Thanks Silja!!
~ B. McBlair

Thank you for all your special care with little Cloudy.
~ Barb H.

I moved to this area and needed a farrier for my horses. I wanted a natural hoof care farrier only. I did a web search for natural hoof care for the area and made some calls. Keith Jacobson recommended Silja to me. I contacted her and setup an appointment. I had 2 horses at the time, one older thoroughbred mare and one younger mustang gelding. The older horse was easy but the mustang being a bit green needed special handling as he didn't like his back hooves touched. We went slow and Silja was very patient with him. Because his hind feet required extensive work, we felt it was in everyone's best interest to sedate him to reduce the pain his over grown feet were causing throughout his body. After his hooves were at the point they should be I spent more time working with his feet. We were finally able to get his hooves trimmed in the round pen making progress each time. Now we are able to give him a complete trim out of the pen. Now I have 2 geldings and Silja is masterful with both. She is amazing with horses and has the patience to provide the best care for the horse. She is punctual and if running behind schedule will give you a call. I would recommend Silja to anybody who wants their horses to have the best of care.
~ J. Nettesheim

Thank you for taking such great care of the Troops!
~ Jan L.

I am new to the joys of horse ownership and have an Icelandic. I really appreciate Silja's knowledge of natural hoof care and her ability to transfer that to her work. She is a professional and most of all has a gentle approach to my sometimes feisty Askur.
~ Kathy O

Silja has really been an asset to the Barefoot movement. She is always on time and if not, she ALWAYS calls. That in and of itself is a breath of fresh air. She is very kind when working with the horses and has a very very good eye for hoof balance. I have been studying natural hoof care for about 13 years. Way back when I 'thought' a pasture trim would do it. We all know where that lead. More learning, reading and watching. I have a hard time trimming my own horse anymore because of some back problems. So, a big THANK you to Silja for her knowledge. I will admit, I have a 'thing' for a good mustang roll. She hears me say 'i love' it after every trim!!
~ Kathleen S.

Silja is a reliable hoof care specialist who's dedicated to doing what's best for the horse. A lifelong horsewoman herself, she's constantly broadening her knowledge of topics that can affect hoof care, such as nutrition, bio mechanics, and stabling. She's willing to share her knowledge, try new techniques, and research what she doesn't know to keep owners informed. She was my friend long before she was my trimmer, but I still refer her to training clients of mine so they too can maintain or improve the health of their horses' feet.
~ K.S., Freely Equine, LLC