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Trimming Hooves the way Nature intended...
How did I get here?

My first thought that metal horseshoes might not be the answer to our horse’s feet was when my appendix mare came up lame after my ferrier shod her for about a year. My vet diagnosed her with contracted heels and suggested that she goes barefoot for as long as possible to allow her feet to rest. I thought, we shouldn’t be doing anything to our horses that require them to have a rest in order for their bodies to recover.
The seed for Natural Hoof Care was planted.

So we pulled the shoes and I watched in horror as she gimped off. I was shocked and thought: "This is no way for her to live!" Her comfort depended on a trimmer who knew about the wild horse model and how to trim her so that she had no more distortions and could grow a strong, well connected hoof. I searched for a different ferrier, one who could help her hooves become stronger and more natural. Her transition time from metal shoes to being comfortable barefoot on her home terrain took over a year. It took a lot of encouragement from my ferrier and vet to help me stay on this path and not jump back to shoes. But she improved slowly but steadily until I couldn’t believe that my sensitive mare with weak, brittle hooves could be barefoot! On the trails she always wore hoof boots. Back then they weren’t nearly as easy to get along with as the new boots are now.

Fast forward a few years...
My interest in Natural Hoof Care intensified over time and my formal education began: My credentials are as follows:

- Certified Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer (Level 2) (Equine Lameness Prevention Oranization )

- Certified Live Sole – Hoof Mapping Specialist (Level 1) (Equine Lameness Prevention Organziation )

-Apprenticeship with Keith Jacobson of Natural Hoof Care of Colorado (

- 5 Day Hoof Trimming Clinic, Hoof Specialties,
Penrose, Colorado

- 1 Day Anatomy and Cadaver Trim clinic,
Longmont, Colorado

- Member of Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club (

- Authorized EasyCare Hoof Boot Dealer (

- 2 day performance barefoot hoof trimming clinic
by Christoph Schork of Global Edurance Training Center

- Member of the Larimer County Horsemans Association

- Proud supporter of the Colorado Horse Rescue

I enjoy the variety we experience with our horses. I have successfully competed my Norwegian Fjord Horse mare in Competitive Trail with NATRC.
$55 ~ Single Horse Appointments
$50 ~ Per Horse for Multiple Horses
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Travel: My region is within 30 minutes from Berthoud, CO
Silja Knoll, CNBBT
Berthoud, CO
Cell 970.402.5104
[ currently not accepting new clients ]
Fax 970.532.7300

Meet 'Chester', a rescue I am currently fostering in effort to get him trained so that he may soon be ready for his new forever home.
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